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It's still a busy summer for me. Hope you have had a chance to be busy and to be NOT busy. That's what summer's are for.

I started this post at the beginning of August. Here's what I wrote:

My post this month will be brief as much of my attention is on offspring's upcoming wedding.

Beautiful Flowers - Grown by the Groom's Father

So much preparation and nail-biting is going on these days. It's an exciting time, for sure. And also stressful.

While offspring is doing the bulk (like 95%) of the heavy lifting, spouse and I are happily stressing from a distance. We will travel to the West Coast and help out where we can - aka 'performing tasks as assigned' - and be as involved as we need to be.

I expect it to be fun and crazy, a whirlwind of friends and family, laughter and love. An added bonus would be if the sun were to shine brightly, the breeze to be gentle, and the storm-clouds stay far, far away.

And here's the later update:

The Flower-Pup

Hubby and I (and lots of relations) traveled for offspring's wedding. Despite a few travel glitches, everyone made it. Accommodations fell into place. In fact, our VRBO rental was perfect for us and we intend to use it next time we go back out there.

And, like the first wedding of the summer, this was also fabulous. The weather cooperated. The planning she did paid off. The flowers and the couple were gorgeous.

I'm sure there was drama, but it wasn't mine. :)

It was a fabulous time!

Hope your summer has been full of good things.

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