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March... ah, March

It’s a month, a verb, a noun, … a promise.

Puppy in the Flowery Doldrums

A break. A group activity. When daylight savings starts. But a really long month.

I started this post near the beginning of the month, and am delinquently finishing it at the end of the month. It’s been that kind of month. I’ve got plenty of things to do but plenty of ways to avoid doing them.

March is probably the only month that has its own saying. We got a foot of snow in early March, so I’m going with March is coming in like a lion and will go out like a lamb. Part-way into the month, I attempted to finish this post. I didn't. We were still under snow and I was grumpy. I tried to look at the positive side of March because there’s so many little things that can rear up to overwhelm me if I don’t. But still couldn't find the ray of hope...

...until a few days later, the sun blasted out joy and a teensy bit of heat, suggesting that March might just be yanking our chain because spring is just around the corner. ‘Course that includes tax season. Ugh. There goes my optimism. Quickly replaced by procrastination.

New CDs!

But the middle of March became busy.

Friendly Giant Props

My wonder-hubby booked a weekend get-away to Kingston, which helped me creep out of the dull-drums I’ve been in. Seeing the Irish Rovers sure helped with that. Nobody can be glum when they’re singing those lively jigs and reels!

And we went to the Pumphouse Museum that had parts of The Friendly Giant's set built into a model train exhibit. I loved Jerome the giraffe.

My New Beast

Then I bought myself an electric guitar! I had sold mine twenty-five years ago when we moved west, figuring I could borrow any of my husband’s guitars. He’s now down to just three electrics, but they’re all heavy. (Yes, I really am a wimp.) Anyhow, I love my new guitar - it's light! - and I’ve gone back to playing fairly regularly. Nothing beats grinding out some distorted ditties after a day of work!

When I woke up this morning, for some really strange reason I decided to quit procrastinating and vacuum the house. And did it need it! Two different vacuums (for bare floors and carpeted) and many back-and-forth motions and I got my exercise and a clean environment.

And I’m in a much better mood. Maybe that was my attempt at spring cleaning. Maybe I’ve kicked my procrastination bug. After all, I finally finished this post I started on March 3rd…

But the best part about March is that the last day of March was the day I became a mother to a wonderful, ambitious, charismatic daughter.

grinning child with 2 bottom teeth
The Kidlet!

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